What About Single Men?

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Being single can be a drag, but some of us are better at it than others. The study found that single men are much more likely to want to partner up than women.

A man needs peace and quiet, whether it’s in the woods, on a boat, at the bottom of a cocktail glass, or between the covers of a great novel. Sometimes we just have to be single.

There are good reasons to remain single men, if you’re not the codependent type. You’ll have more time for whatever makes you feel alive – advancing your career, exploring your artistic streak, satisfying your wanderlust, or fighting for your political ideals. You won’t feel like there’s a choice between abandoning your soulmate and pursuing your dreams. Oh yeah, the sex with as many women as you want isn’t bad either, because you are in single men’s club.

You’re a man, but more importantly you’re a human – and humans eventually need companionship that goes beyond sharing pitchers of beer with your buddies. You’re going to advance in years, your body is going to fall apart, and going through it alone is no fun.

Single men may have closer friendships than their committed counterparts. When some single men get married, their friends get placed on the back burner , but when it doesn’t work out, they’ve lost all the people in their lives and have to go crawling back.

So perhaps the ideal, as men have practiced it for millennia, is to experience single life to the fullest in our youths and settle down when the time feels right.

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