Things Every Girl Must Do Before She Settles Down

single girl
single girl
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Be single girl means to be the commander of your own ship and to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Before you settle down, have you done everything you wanted to do with your freedom?

Let’s make sure that you have partied enough, flirted enough, made mistakes and learned how to fix them before you meet ‘the one’. Here’s 7 things every single girl must do before she settles down.

Be spontaneous

Try something new, from a festival to an event in your city, tag along with some friends or ask someone adventurous to join you. Trying something new can open doors for you to meet new people and may help you in discovering more about yourself.

Live alone

This goes for any single adult, living alone can be a wonderful experience. Before settling down with someone, move out on your own and enjoy it. This is the time when you can become the independent woman you have always wanted to be. Wake up dance around, who cares this is your home.

Have a one night stand

This is a must in order to experience all that life has to offer. Keep protection in your bag and scope out your next adventure. Of course responsibility plays a big part in this decision. Aim for someone who you do know, maybe you aren’t friends, but you have encountered one another in the past. Send his address and information to a friend, so someone knows where you are. Other than that, go wild and have fun!

Fulfill a naughty fantasy

Let’s get naughty. One option is a threesome which is a fantasy for many guys and girls, but most partners would never agree to it. Why wait to fall in love? Try something new, next time you are getting down and dirty. Just do it now with someone you aren’t overly attached to, with your choice in gender of your third.

Party hard

Go out and party while you have no one to come home to. Life is all about the experiences you have. You never want to look back and wish you had done something “while you could.” Squeeze the fun out of being single girl and dance the night away.

Travel the World

See the world on your own terms. Travel abroad and spend some time exploring other cultures and lifestyles. Traveling is a way to open your mind and see outside of your circle. This is also a way to grow as an individual, and you will have even more to offer to someone else.

Discover who you are

What makes you happy? What takes you over the edge? Who are you really? Being single girl is the absolute best time to get to know yourself. It takes some people an entire lifetime to answer the question of who they are. Spending time alone will help you find the answers to that question faster.

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