The new rules for senior dating during Covid-19

online senior dating
online senior dating
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5 Benefits of Dating Apps for Seniors During COVID-19

For seniors, navigating the dating world is a vastly different experience than it used to be, especially when coupled with the ongoing global pandemic. Gone are the days of meeting a potential suitor at the coffee shop or your friends playing matchmaker. Today’s dating scene is more virtual than ever, thanks to COVID-19, so for many seniors, it seems daunting. With today’s technology, however, dating has become much more straight-forward. Here are five benefits of apps for online senior dating during COVID-19.

It’s safer for seniors to date virtually during the pandemic

According to the CDC, people in their 60s and 70s are at a greater risk for severe complications if they were to catch COVID-19. Needless to say, it’s wise to limit your exposure as much as possible. Online dating apps make it easy to keep in touch without having to expose yourself to a potential health risk.

Virtual dating is no longer taboo and it’s a low-pressure situation

One of the greatest advantages of online dating for seniors is that there’s less pressure put on both parties. COVID-19 has made virtual dating more common so choosing to keep it online during the pandemic is acceptable. Chatting online before deciding to meet in person (once it’s safe) allows you to learn more about the other person without the awkward ice-breaking conversation. It gives you the chance to decide whether or not there is enough compatibility to move forward. There is no sense of obligation to act, feel, or be a certain way. Online senior dating during the pandemic has it’s perks. It truly opens up the door to get to know people for who they truly are.

There’s no obligation to settle

In-person dating before the pandemic often made people feel obligated to entertain their partner, even if there was zero chemistry. For seniors, this might feel like a major waste of time. As we age, we tend to have a better grasp of who we are. We’ve developed regular habits and interests so our sense of self is pretty solid. As seniors, it’s difficult to mold yourself to fit into someone else’s ideal and frankly, you shouldn’t have to.

With online matchmaker apps like ClickDate, you don’t have to worry about getting ill and you can be very specific about what you want. You do not have to bend and mold and jump through hoops to fit in with someone else. You do not have to entertain someone with whom you’re not compatible in fear of hurting their feelings.

You can connect with like-minded people more easily

Modern technology utilizes artificial intelligence to match users with like-minded individuals. This is precisely what ClickDate, an online dating app, does for its members. The matchmaking system does more than ask simple, everyday questions. It learns your likes, dislikes, behaviors, and patterns which allows the AI to match you with partners that are likely to fit your ideals. The intuitive nature of online dating apps takes you one step closer to finding someone right for you.

With social distancing, you don’t have to be lonely. Online dating will easily help you meet like-minded individuals to keep you company.

You can step outside of traditional dating norms or stick with them

Online dating makes it easy for seniors to step outside of the societal norms that were in place when they were younger. You can break away from those old-fashioned customs, which gives you more flexibility with your dating. If you’re a woman, you can reach out to ask a man for the first date. Times have changed and there are no gender standards that you need to conform to.

Alternatively, you can stick with traditional dating. Some older couples prefer traditional dating and that’s fine too! Online dating and traditional dating are not mutually exclusive. You can be matched with singles who share your values and ideal. If they like traditional dates, you can match and then meet up in person for a more traditional dating experience.

No matter how you choose to date, remember that dating during a pandemic is a little different. Here are some ways to stay safe:

  • Keep the relationship online until cases start to go down
  • If you have to meet in person, always wear a mask
  • It’s probably best to skip hugs and kisses
  • If you have any symptoms or feel sick, don’t meet up
  • Let your partner know if you test positive for COVID-19 within two weeks after meeting.

While online dating might seem a bit scary during the pandemic, it’s actually a much more straightforward way of finding a potential suitor. You can stay safe, there is less pressure, you can be specific about what you want, connect with people more easily, and you can step outside of societal norms. Even though it’s a completely different experience, many seniors find that online senior dating is both fun and effective.

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