Online dating etiquette – a user’s guide

online dating etiquette
online dating etiquette
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When you’re online dating, little points of online dating etiquette really can make a difference. Not only can they keep things running smoothly, but, more importantly, they can show your respect to your partner.

In this guide we are going to help you with some easy-to-follow online dating etiquette tips to help you make a good impression and score that first date.

Essential Tips

Be Honest

The most broken rule of online dating etiquette is honesty. Choose a good picture of yourself and discuss the highlights of your personality.

If you eventually want to meet in person, your date is going to find out what you look like — so be true to yourself from the beginning.

Be Polite

One of the major rules when it comes to online dating etiquette is being rude or vulgar. You should not make sexual comments to or about the person you’re chatting with, and you should never make fun of someone or be intentionally hurtful. This rule also applies to photos.

Be Patient

When you find someone you’re really into, it can feel like ages between responses. But don’t be too eager. Give your matches a few days to respond before sending a follow-up message. Be patient and understanding to their needs and wait until they’re comfortable.

Be Responsive

Just like you want your dates to respond to you, you should respond in a timely manner to them. If someone sends you a message, be sure to send them a note back.

Be Understanding

Your final piece of online dating etiquette is to be understanding of what your matches want. If they’re not ready to meet, try to understand why they might be hesitant. If they have a different opinion, try to see it from their point of view. Be honest, communicative, and compassionate with everyone you communicate with online.

Follow these few simple guidelines, and you’ll be a dating expert in no time!

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