Modern psychological approach and artificial intelligence

Clickdate Modern psychological approach and artificial intelligence
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According to a study on American singles, 55% believe that technology has made it harder to find love. ClickDate is one of the best totally free online dating sites which is here to revolutionize the search for love. We have designed our entire approach to improve the chances of finding love. Traditionally, dating sites have their members answer a series of questions. Their responses are then used as a basis for who the person is, what his/her likes are, and who they should be paired with.

We look beyond the responses

Here at ClickDate, we look beyond the responses.

People rarely know what they want. The few who do, rarely can articulate it. Therefore, here at ClickDate, we look beyond what the clients say they want. The assumption, by dating sites, that people know what they want is the main reason why many people have had bad experiences using online dating sites. Research has shown that 21% of women and 9% of men who are reluctant to look for love on the web are reserved because they know people who have had bad experiences with online dating.

People only know what they think they want. What they write in their profiles and membership forms is what they think is correct; not what is correct. To find a person’s perfect match, on the other hand, you must know, with certainty, what they want, not what they think they want. Such is the dilemma of online dating sites. At ClickDate, we have found a way to defeat the dilemma. We have combined the most recent technological developments, with behavioral research techniques into one formidable approach capable of determining your innermost desires.

Behaviorism approach

Behaviorism approaches and strategies have proved to be very useful when pairing different people. Behaviorism is a modern psychological approach that holds that the study of a person’s behavior can be used to unearth the individual’s most deep-seated desires.

What behaviors are we talking about exactly and how does ClickDate research its clients’ behaviors?

Since all interactions with our matchmaking sites are limited to the internet, we observe client behavior online. We follow their clicks. What they clicked, among others, to like, to dislike, to comment on, to ignore. Powerful data analysis tools then take over and profile the client in ways that questionnaires cannot possibly manage. Behaviorism approaches allow ClickDate to understand our clients’ most intimate desires. This entire process is, however, done extremely fast. Dating sites usually take upwards of a day to avail of new matches. Our powerful systems are, on the other hand, able to identify new matches in real-time.

The beauty of our approach is that it does not assume that people must be mirror images of each other to fall in love. As long as two people share the heart and mind, they can be polar opposites, physically, and still, click. This is one of the most fundamental truths ignored by the bulk of dating sites.

ClickDate is more than a dating site. ClickDate is a matchmaker. We do not want to get two people to just date. We connect two people who match and can love each other.


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