Real Love Stories That Began With A Matchmaker

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matchmaking site
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Matchmaker: “one that arranges a match; especially: one who tries to bring two unmarried individuals together in an attempt to promote a marriage”. We found this matchmaking definition on Merriam-Webster. Simply put, yes, that is their job but in all honesty, they’re quite a lot more than just a person in their office working until late in the night, flipping through profiles and categorizing your best selfies. Looking behind the scenes, they’ve played priceless parts in what we’d call the “perfect love story”. Without a personal experience, you’d never even know.

Rachel & Chris: True Story Of Finding Love In 2021 On The First Matchmaker Date

“She was your small-town girl in search of true love – he was the boy next door… except, he wasn’t next door. He lived across town and unless the stars, moon, and planets aligned, they most likely would have never met… or until a certain matchmaking site worked some magic.

When Chris and I met about his relationship goals at my office, we immediately hit it off and he became a client on the spot. We both knew I could connect him to the girl of his dreams.

Rachel described her first date with Chris as ‘a total success’ and that they both ‘felt immediately that they had found their perfect match.’

All of this in less than 8 days after both of them becoming clients… too good to be true? Almost.”

Natalia & Omar: Finding Love With A Matchmaker During COVID-19

“The isolation of the past year has given single people around the world time to look inward, reflect on what they really want in a partner and how they’ll find that special someone. Meet Natalia and Omar. Both of them never even considered a matchmaking site before coronavirus hit. With the non-existing single meet-ups, limited capacity bars, and their favorite activities slowing to a halt, they both decided it was time to change things up. After matching their profiles, the couple (pretty ecstatically) went on an evening dinner date in LA. It was outdoors, lit by vintage hanging patio lights, and you could hear the most beautiful music in the background. Industry secret: matchmakers have access and some of the best connections and resources in the romance world – now you know.

Following up with Natalia, she giggled and told me all about the evening. She couldn’t believe finding love was even possible with this new normal. Later that week in my office Omar told me, ‘We both knew we had… I can’t even describe it. It was a major connection. I never knew what a soul mate meant until our eyes locked’. This is why we do what we (matchmakers) do.”

Our Best Tips To Find Love With A Matchmaker
  • Be honest: whether it’s about what you like or yourself personally. Always be straightforward with the matchmaking process.
  • Use other profiles to improve yours: take notes on things that stand out or you don’t like.
  • Use quality pictures: the angled selfie won’t quite cut it when you’re on the quest for true love. Visual impressions matter. Hire a local photographer for a quick mini session to spice your portfolio up! We recommend always including a body shot along with your headshot.
  • Interests: the more the better! Work taken over your personal life and not sure what to include? List what you used to love doing as a teen. Hobbies usually always stay with us through life.
How To Find True Love With A Matchmaker in 2021

Go online! Almost 50% of relationships have meet online in 2021. This way of dating allows you to expand your search to people who you would have never met before and meet your true love. When looking for a serious long-term relationship, you have to try ClickDate, a matchmaking site that matches singles using a modern approach to psychology using deep learning AI. The app analyses your clicks to understand your preferences and match you using that information as well as matchmaking statistics. ClickDate’s distinct approach results in more meaningful and long-lasting connections.

Yes, REAL love stories begin with a matchmaker every single day.

“The beauty of dating during COVID-19 has been making more meaningful, deeper connections earlier on, because we’re all experiencing this global pandemic together,” Kara Laricks, a matchmaker with Three Day Rule in Chicago was quoted.

A matchmaker that knows how to bring true love together will take the time to get to know an individual personally and will be someone you feel comfortable opening up to about your love interests and goals. They want you to succeed at finding your soul mate and to find happiness with your life partner by your side.

If you’re sick and tired of the conventional dating apps, your future matchmaker is here to help guide you on your journey to love. Find real love in real time at a click with ClickDate.

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