How to Break up Gently

We all know that getting over a breakup can sometimes lead to sad. That process can be really bloody awful if you are on the receiving end, and leave you feeling confused, insecure and a whole lot of sad. Below, 5 ways to get past the pain of a broken heart from those who have lived it.

Be clear

People only wish to breakup with someone if the person is no longer a
match to their needs, outlook, passions, values and desires. So before the breakup, write a list of what it is that you no longer want to be, experience or feel in a relationship. Then write down what you now want, and visualize it.

Be kind, but strict

Breaking up can be extremely painful, not just for the person being left behind, but for the person doing the leaving. Be kind and respectful as you begin to distance yourself, however be strict with your boundaries.

Fall out of love in your mind first

It is harder to breakup if you keep focusing on the one moment you were happy. If you are trying to build the strength to breakup with a partner, banish that thought. Focus on the top negative moments of your relationship. Remember what you felt, saw or heard during those times. Keep repeating the process.

Look forward

Think about all of the things that you are now free to do after breaking up. Go on a rampage of thoughts that activate happy vibes and moments. You need to remind yourself of all the positives of being by yourself and try to avoid thinking about all the negatives as much as possible. Tomorrow’s experiences are always created from the thoughts you are thinking today.

Figure out how valuable they are

Only you can decide what your partner is worth to you. Are they worth a sit down dinner or a five-minute coffee break up? Are they worth a four-word text or one last night of passion? And only you can decide are they valuable or not.

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