Hot Dating: Ways to Spice Up Your Date Night

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Looking for creative and hot dating ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Here are sexy and fun dates that you’ll both be sure to enjoy.

Make Each Other Melt

You can’t get sexier than sharing strawberries and champagne in bed.

Get Limber for Later

Get up early on a weekend morning and take a hot yoga class. Sharing a new experience together will bring you closer.

Cooking Together

Cook dinner together using erotic ingredients that stimulate the libido, like oysters, figs, and avocados. Light candles and open a bottle of your favorite wine. Enjoy your hot dating night. Chances are you won’t make it to dessert.

Feel Warm and Fuzzy

Get your butts off the sofa and do some volunteer work together. It’s a great way to bond while doing something worthwhile. Carry that euphoric, feel-good vibe home and get charitable between the sheets.

Share a Hot Shower

Who cares if you can only fit one person in there? Lather each other up with some vanilla bath gel and you won’t mind being in such close quarters.

Suds It Up

Make a date in the driveway and get dirty washing down your cars. C’mon, you know the car could use a fresh coat of wax. Plus you + him + soap suds + water = sexy.

We have more great, useful tips that can help boost your dating game. Follow Clickdate for singles, browse through our articles to find the best ways to approach. Who knows, the love of your life might just be waiting for you to make a move.

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