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In contrast to other matchmakers, we combined modern approach of psychology – behaviorism with AI for free dating in the US


Free dating in US

If you’re a single looking for a real connection, the new ClickDate App is fast and easy way to find your perfect date, and a lot more effective than other free dating sites. No more hundred-word questionnaires, no more bogus matches, no more silly games and no more senseless swapping… or swiping. With ClickDate, you only need to spend three minutes on important and relevant questions. The rest is done by the ClickDate system, because ClickDate is the most on-point, satisfying matchmaking app you’ve seen or used before.
Behaviorism approaches allow Click Date to understand our clients’ most intimate desires. This entire process is, however, done extremely fast. Free dating sites usually take upwards of a day to avail new matches. Our powerful systems are, on the other hand, able to identify new matches real-time.
The beauty of our approach is that it does not assume that people must be mirror images of each other to fall in love. As long as two people share the heart and mind, they can be polar opposites, physically, and still, click. This is one of the most fundamental truths ignored by the bulk of dating sites.
Click Date is more than a dating site. Click Date is a matchmaker. We do not want to get two people to just date. We desire to connect two people who match.

Even conceptually, ClickDate offers a whole new approach for free dating!

In the world of online dating, we are used to logging onto dating websites, and searching through a bunch of pictures, hoping to find our perfect match. Realistically, how effective is this process? By judging people based mostly on how they look in their picture, we are not finding people who we are truly compatible with. Many free dating sites promise to help you find your soul mate, leaving you to choose someone based on pictures and a short description. This is not the best way to find someone with whom we can build a long-term relationship.
There is no comparison, because ClickDate is a sophisticated matchmaking service. It goes well in comparison to the most popular free dating sites. There’s a real difference between just wanting a date (if that’s where you are) versus really wanting to spend time with some new people who really “get you” and vice versa:

  • First of all ClickDate utilizes user preferences to suggest a better partner. Clicks within the app all serve to match you with someone you’ll be able to relate to and possibly want to move beyond friends. The app will add the face types you prefer to the other characteristics that you like, click on and read, in building your profile and in matching you with others. Based on every minute statistic, ClickDate uses the latest technology to suggest better and better potential partners the more you use it. It’s intuitive and powerful.

  • Also ClickDate uses a natural, real live approach, which is based on your daily live experience and behaviors. Unlike other dating system models that pretend to understand the chemistry necessary to really “click,” we use every minute aspect of the actual time and energy you spend in the app to suggest better partners.

In this way, the matches you get are based on how someone really is, not on who they think they would like to be. Finding love involves a wild combination of factors that from the outside don’t always make sense. ClickDate gets that. Most importantly we base matches not just on answered questions, but on how you use the app and what you gravitate toward.

Furthermore, we respect your time. Did you know that on most free dating apps, 70% of visitors don’t complete the initial questions because there are too many and they often seem superfluous? Therefore we only ask you to answer a few main questions about the partner you’re looking to meet. ClickDate does the rest. It’s simple to fill out your profile and to connect through other social networks within the ClickDate app.

What Makes the ClickDate Approach So Powerful?

Of course, you’re not looking for a person that 100% likes you. How boring would that be? Most of us are looking for positive differences and traits that complement our own, because the purpose of relationship is to develop a heartfelt connection, to bring out the best in each other, to be a real part of each other’s lives in positive ways. In contrast to other free dating systems, ClickDate combines modern psychology with behaviorism to make the best partner suggestions possible. Our deep-learning artificial intelligence system doesn’t just ask questions — it learns what your true preferences are based on your behavior, likes, patterns and psyche, and shows you the best matches instantly.Therefore, you receive simple, fast feedback – in the form of suggested matches with your perfect date – based on your clicks. As a result, with ClickDate, you have a real shot at meeting your true love face to face.

ClickDate is an Intuitive App Which Guides You To A Perfect Match

People rarely know what they want. The few who do, rarely can articulate it. Therefore, here at Click Date, we look beyond what the clients say they want. The assumption, by dating sites, that people know what they want is the main reason why many people have had bad experiences using online dating sites. Research has shown that 21% of women and 9% of men who are reluctant look for love on the web are reserved because they know people who have had bad experiences with online dating.
People only know what they think they want. What they write in their profiles and membership forms is what they think is correct; not what is correct. To find a person’s perfect match, on the other hand, you must know, with certainty, what they want, not what they think they want. Such is the dilemma of online dating sites. At ClickDate, we have found a way to defeat the dilemma. We have combined the most recent technological developments, with behavioral research techniques into one formidable approach capable of determining your innermost desires.
Getting a real date on ClickDate is fun, easy and effective, because ClickDate’s intuitive approach guides you through the process. Even more!! The App gives you a hint that perhaps you’re ready to date someone and you or your potential partner can pick a convenient time and place to meet via FourSquare.

ClickDate is the Most Advanced Free Dating Site – and it’s Free!

According to a study on American singles, 55% believe that technology has made it harder to find love. Click Date is here to revolutionize the search for love. We have designed our entire approach to improve the chances of finding love. Traditionally, dating sites have their members answer a series of questions. Their responses are then used as a basis for who the person is, what his/her likes are, and who they should be paired with.
With the aid of artificial intelligence, you get access to real matches. It’s time to forget about fake profiles and scams, because we get rid of all of that. We realize that you’re looking for a serious relationship… and so is your partner-to-be. Therefore, ClickDate is your answer to find your perfect date. Give it a try today. Especially compared with other free dating sites, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Click Date is here to revolutionize the search for love. We have designed our entire approach to improve the chances of finding love. Traditionally, dating sites have their members answer a series of questions. Their responses are then used as a basis for who the person is, what his/her likes are, and who they should be paired with.

Don’t Wait, start right now!

Why not try a dating site that is interactive and works for you? It is a proven system that uses psychology to make matches so they are more likely to last a lifetime. You have nothing to lose except your single status! What are you waiting for? With ClickDate, there is no reason why you shouldn’t find your perfect match. We are an honest, realistic site, and we want you to find true love. Meet your perfect date, and take the first step in changing your status from “Single” to “Taken” when you register with ClickDate!