The best ways to flirt

Flirting doesn’t come easily to everyone.  If you struggle with flirting, we’ve got plenty of tips to help you master the art of the flirt.

Dress your best

If you’re meeting your date for coffee, keep your ensemble casual, but if it’s a night out on the town, get out those heels or pop that collar. Wear something that shows that you are putting effort in.

Offer physical touch

If the attraction is mutual and confirmed as consensual, gently touch the person’s arm, elbow, or, if they’re sitting down, their leg. Just remember not to keep your hand there; rather, just use light touch when laughing or making fun comments.

Flaunt your features

Show off your most attractive assets by choosing your attire carefully. If you are a man who loves his chest, wear a fitted shirt. If you are a woman who believes her best features are her lips, wear nice red lipstick. Making that choice can help make you look and feel more confident.

Make eye contact

Eye contact signals openness and interest for continuing the conversation. Nothing can close a conversation faster than feeling like someone can’t talk back to you and can’t look you in the eye.

Manage your body language

Keep your arms open, leave your palms upturned, lean in, shrug your shoulders — these all put off that you are open to their flirting. Also, be sure to smile. People who smile often are recognized as more approachable and fun to be around.

Listen and ask questions

Keep the conversation flowing by alternating between listening and asking questions. Asking questions shows you are paying attention and also intrigued. This will make the person feel understood, which is a great way to start any relationship.

Be yourself and exude confidence!

This step may seem easier said than done, but confidence is one of the most attractive features on another person. Confidence can shine so bright if you are truly comfortable with who you are.

So if you’re looking to attract the opposite sex, knowing the right way to flirt can mean the difference between creeping out that special someone and actually landing a date with him or her. Follow tips from Clickdate and find your ideal match.