First Date Advice to Make Your Date Great

first date advice
first date advice
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No first date is perfect. However, you can make your first date as great as possible by applying a few different approaches and first date advice depending on what kind of first date it is. How you approach the first date will vary from first dates to first dates and should be tailored to whatever sort of first date you’re going for.

You may not have a lot of success with first dates if you don’t follow this first date advice.

Let’s imagine that you have been online dating someone from free dating website, and after some back-and-forth messaging they have finally agreed to go out with you! What can you do to ensure maximum chances for a good first impression? Of course you should put some effort and imagination, read first date advice and tips and be prepared for perfect date!

Here’s a detailed set of first date advice.

First date location

This first date is the most casual type of first date. Chances are you have never met this person before, but your level of interest in them is high enough that you would like to get to know each other better. The first thing you should do when planning a first date at a bar or café is figure out how long you want it to last. Instead of dinner and a movie, suggest trying a local bar or a hip new coffee shop instead. If it feels uncomfortable, you can leave after the first drink.

If you both feel comfortable with each other, it’s perfectly fine to ask your first date out again. Keep the mood light and fun with first date conversation topics such as vacations you have taken, books that changed your life, movies everyone should watch etc.

A first date at a bar or café is also an excellent opportunity for first kiss!

First date conversation topics

The key to a successful conversation in any context is mutual understanding. When someone shares something about themselves or asks you a question, always reply back by sharing a similar story, or by asking them the same question. It’s polite and it keeps the conversation going.

First dates are a lot like job interviews. It is where both of you first meet and make an impression for each other.

Over drinks or coffee, first date conversation can flow easily and naturally. It’s a great way to get to know the other person better and make sure they are someone you would like to see again. You can talk about your first date experiences or share funny stories from the past.

After all, first dates are just another opportunity for getting to know someone better. So anything goes as long as you remain respectful towards each other!

First date outfits

Take time to look nice for a date. No matter what kind of date you’re on, putting in a bit of effort goes a long way.

For women, this means you should wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Do not wear jeans or light sweaters as these are often thought to be too casual for first dates. A first date outfit for women usually consists of a dress with neutral colors on it, flats or heels depending on your preference, simple accessories like earrings so the focus remains on the face, hair done nicely and little makeup if any at all!

For men, don’t overdo anything whether its lotion applied everywhere or overly done facial hair. Dress up for the first date by wearing pants instead of shorts, jackets instead of sweatshirts.

Be yourself on first dates

Being yourself is the best way of showing your true self, but this can lead to nervousness and awkwardness. If you are one of those people that gets anxious about first dates try thinking of other “firsts” like job interviews or even other first times such as your first kiss. When we do something over and over again it becomes easier, so how about making first date great?

First date compliments

If your first date is your first time meeting in person, compliments can be harder to give and receive. Start with more neutral compliments, for example about look “You look really nice tonight.” If you are talking about travel, compliment her on how well traveled she is. If you are into politics, compliment her knowledge of government affairs. This way you are not only handing out compliments but are highlighting characteristics and that you are interested.

Get in touch after the first date

After first date, be sure to touch base and let her know you had a nice time. This will show her that her date was not ordinary first date and you both made an effort to make it special. If first date went well, ask her out for coffee or something light hearted.

You want her to feel comfortable around you so she feels relaxed enough to go for another date. Sending a short text or email to say thanks is a sweet and easy way to show your interest. And who knows maybe she’ll be up for another date!


It’s the first part of many dates to come so do enjoy it and go for more dates.

First dates are tricky, but remember that first impressions are important too, so try your best!

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