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find true love
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How do you find true love that lasts? It’s a question that many people ask themselves when they are looking for their life partner. There is no one answer to this. But there are some things we can look at and change in order to decrease the likelihood of our relationship not lasting.

The key reason why it’s so hard to find lasting love is easy to understand once you know what happens in the opening stages of a relationship. It all begins with the infatuation stage, when you find yourself thinking about your partner non-stop. Your mind is on cloud nine because this person makes everything seem perfect and new again! Specifically, we tend to focus only on good points.

During the second stage we wake up from the trance of infatuation with a thump. Finding that the same qualities that once seemed so perfect have begun to annoy us. We find ourselves irritated by the smallest things that our partner does.

During this stage, you might find yourself asking “Do I really love him?” or “Is it just infatuation?” Suddenly your thoughts are filled with doubts about whether this relationship is meant to last. We begin looking for reasons why we should leave instead of continuing to look at the qualities that drew us together in the first place.

The third stage of a relationship is the Disillusionment stage. Now that your partner is no longer perfect, it’s hard to find them attractive. You may feel as though you are seeing the other person’s weaknesses for the first time instead of their strengths.

If only one party becomes disillusioned in this stage, it will be very difficult for the relationship to continue successfully beyond this point. If both people become disillusioned with each other at about the same time (or if only one has reached a certain level of disenchantment), they can work together to find ways around problems and save their relationship before things get too bad.

Finally, couples who make it past Disillusionment enter the 4th stage. There we realize that our partners aren’t perfect but still deserve our affection. The fourth stage of a relationship is called the Decision because you’re at a breaking point.

In this stage, we make a decision—whether that’s to leave or to stay and actually work on fixing this relationship.

The fifth stage of a relationship is Wholehearted Love. In the fifth stage, you find it easier to show love for your partner because you’ve experienced pain and heartbreak together.

You’re more open with each other about what’s going on in your lives and how you feel. This is when we find true happiness—when both partners learn how to be loved by another person. Relationships do not have any guarantees.  They can last if both partners work on them daily with patience and willingness while trying their best not just for themselves but also for each other’s happiness as well!

5 basic tips to help you find true love

Finding love is not meant to be easy but when you follow some rules, you can attract the love you deserve… Here are 5 steps to finding true love that lasts!

The first step is to know yourself

We can be a lot better at reading other people, but we need to recognize what makes us tick as well. Knowing who you are and being confident in your own skin will make it much easier for someone else to love you! Can you imagine how hard it would be if the person was not attracted to who they were? Acknowledge what you like about yourself and highlight those things when meeting new people. You want them falling head over heels for that version of “you” rather than another one entirely!

Of course this does take time so don’t expect perfection overnight. Just continue working on improving yourself each day until everything falls into place. Be yourself from day one! No matter what type of relationship you want. Being yourself from day one will help your partner or potential partner see who you truly are as a person – good and bad parts included.

Think about what you want and need

This is an important step that many find they are trying to find “the person” for them rather than truly looking at what it is that you want. You need to know the type of relationship, home and family life you would like so this can help guide your decision on who will be compatible with you. This way if things do not work out in one area then there may still be another opportunity elsewhere!

Seek partnership, not romance

Romance is not strong enough to build a relationship on. What you’re really looking for is a partnership. Look for someone who is kind and compassionate, supportive and loyal.

Know what you’re looking for in someone else

What you consider to be the most important traits of your potential partner? What do you need from your partner? If you don’t know what these traits are, find out! Write down a list of the qualities that your ideal partner should have. The good thing about setting standards is that it helps you gather the lessons you have learned from dealing with past partners.

Do not place too many expectations on someone else because it will create stress and anxiety for both of you. You must take responsibility for what you want. At the same time allow room for other people’s feelings and needs as well. The person who seems perfect may not turn into Mr or Mrs Right after all. Keep an open mind about their flaws too!

After you write your ideal partner list, read it out methodically. You can find out if you are ready to be in a relationship.

Do not put a timeline to love

The best tip we can share is – do not put yourself under pressure from others by setting deadlines around relationships. So many people find that they are rushing through their lives and the relationships because of a timeline.

In some cases, you may find that there are people who have been in your life but they were not right for you then. In this case it is worth thinking back as to what made them incompatible and if those same reasons come up again would they be compatible with the new YOU! If you have not found love yet then it is possible to find someone “when the time is right.” True love takes time to find its true meaning, place and home within our hearts.

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