How online dating has changed in 2021

new dating trends
new dating trends
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To put it simply, 2020 changed the world in every way possible, including environmentally, economically, health-wise, as well as the dating trends as a whole. Virtual dating became the hot new trend across social media platforms and dating apps. The shift caused virtual software sales, such as Zoom, to skyrocket. Engaging with new human beings in person became trivial while virtual hangouts dominated the digital space, particularly the dating landscape.

The old-fashioned way of a man seeking women transformed digital-dating through a screen. If you already struggled with the online dating scene, virtual dating was on another level. That’s why people are trying to make the best of the new online dating trends with creative and viral dating tactics.

The evolution of online matchmaking has taken the dating scene by storm forcing singles to adapt and adjust their expectations. What should you expect of dating in 2021? As we look ahead into the year, we’re pretty confident we can grasp what you can expect for your dating life.

Keep reading to uncover the latest dating trends of 2021. It’s time to swipe left and find your soulmate in this new digital age!

  • Virtual Dating Isn’t Going Anywhere

Surprisingly, a substantial amount of singles favored virtual dating over hooking up in person. The concept of dating online is nothing new to us. It is still pretty mind-blowing how common online dating is now, considering entire relationships have been hosted solely online lately. The digital dating landscape is growing more diverse every day and considerably a convenient approach to the dating scene.

  • Slow Dating

Virtual dating has emphasized how essential it is to build a relationship off of an emotional connection first instead of a physical one. Slow dating is quite literally what it means: singles taking the time to get to know one another before meeting up IRL. Meeting in person is always nice, but let’s be honest, it’s more important you genuinely vibe with a person before taking the next step. So don’t be shy. Take this opportunity to truly focus on quality and know your worth because you deserve to be matched up with your one true soulmate.

  • New Dawn Daters On The Rise

Just got out of a long-term committed relationship? Anxious about starting over and getting back into the dating game? You’re not alone! The pandemic took a toll on all of us, but unfortunately, it mainly tested existing relationships. It looks more like ‘New Dawn Daters’ – someone just getting out of a relationship or new to online dating – are coming out and are eager to give it another shot at finding love. You’re new to dating but not sure where to start? ClickDate excels at matchmaking for those who are ready to take love seriously. With just a click, you could meet your love today.

  • Like-Minded Mentalities

It’s not surprising that singles are more upfront about their political views from the get-go after the exhausting year we experienced. Finding a soulmate that does not fit more in line with your political reviews might be a deal breaker for some, and that’s okay. Nowadays, daters might pay attention to political opinions more than usual before starting any type of serious and emotional conversation. Don’t be surprised if someone bluntly comes to you asking what your thoughts on recent political events are.

  • Marriage Is Farther Away

No matter if you are a man seeking women, a woman seeking women, or a man seeking men, we can all agree love outweighs everything. With all these new dating trends on the rise, some might say it is wiser for couples to live together before considering tying the knot. As some older generations embrace, the traditional way was to fall madly in love with your soulmate, get married, and then move in together. Sounds almost like a fairytale, right? Maybe for some, but today’s generations believe otherwise.

By living with your partner before getting married, it encourages you both to take the time and really get familiar with each other in every way possible. Without the marital commitment, there is less pressure on the relationship. Embrace one another for who you each are, flaws and all! If it does not work out for some reason, at least you both can walk away from the relationship without the burden of a daunting divorce.

  • Astrolove Is In The Air

Despite the shift in the dating landscape, Astrolove helped keep singles hopeful and excited for the future of their love life. Astrolove, when someone expresses interest in another person based on their astrological background, has become a fan favorite for matchmaking. Horoscopes have helped us look on the bright side of many things, and it’s something that is planning to stay. Even if it’s something you might not be sure about, it can be an insightful ice-breaker.

  • Date Like A CEO

In other words, known as hardballing, it essentially means no BS when finding true love. You have expectations and expect your soulmate to meet them. The clock is ticking, and you’re not here to play games. Dating like a CEO makes you the boss of your love life. Pass on those that are not in it 100% and pursue those on the same level as you. Whether you’re a man seeking women or just anyone looking for love, do not apologize for knowing what you want in a partner. It’s okay to set boundaries and be selective of who you open your heart to.

If there is anything this last year has taught us, it’s that time, and people should not be taken for granted. Be specific about what you’re looking for in your soulmate, strive for quality, and enjoy the journey. Once you meet your match, it will all be worth it. Until then, embrace how online dating has changed and consider some of these dating trends of 2021. ClickDate’s new intelligent matchmaking system helps you date smarter and is here to help give you that headstart to happiness in your love life.

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