Dating Older Women: Tips for Younger Men

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There’s actually a lot that’s different about dating older women compared to younger ones. Most men don’t realize that as women age their tastes for what they want in a man change as well. What attracts a younger man to an older woman? Why younger men are attracted to older women includes their experience, confidence, assertiveness, and maturity. A few years younger than a woman will likely find her life experience intriguing. Also, women who’ve been married before and have children will understand them better. Online dating is a great way to meet older women if you know what site to use.

Some men also like older women because they feel that they are more experienced sexually than younger ones. This isn’t always the case though; sometimes 20-somethings can be even more adventurous in bed than their 50-something counterparts! Dating an older woman for one of these reasons doesn’t mean you should ignore your attraction to her other qualities: personality, looks and interests included.

Dating older women isn’t that different from dating someone closer to your own age when it comes down to looks and personality traits. However, there will always be some things unique about them such as life experience and maturity levels. Dating an older woman isn’t hard if you know what to do. Here are some tips for younger men dating older women to take note of.

Act Like a Mature Man, Not an Immature Boy

You need to show her you’re mature and not some school boy just looking for a quick sexual experience to run and tell your friends about.

You don’t need to tell her you’re older than your years, but you do need to act like a man. Make no mistake — older women seeking men, not boys. She has needs and a boy is not one of them. Nothing is more attractive to her than a young guy who can fill her needs as a man and in the sack.

Don’t Discuss Having a Serious Relationship

It’s going to end eventually, so don’t talk about a relationship with her. Don’t talk about how you want to be with her. Don’t talk about your feelings and emotions and how you’re falling for her unless she does it first.

She’s an older woman, and you’re a younger man. She’s looking to enjoy herself because most of the men in her age range are not in the physical shape she desires and are already broken and destroyed. She doesn’t want to date them. She wants a younger man to be her dating partner and take care of her when she’s not feeling good.

In other words, just have fun with older women until things start getting serious then you need to end it or slow down the pace. Women over 40 are more traditional than most men realize, so if they want something that means they will go after it often at their own cost.

Don’t Keep Her Waiting

If an older woman is interested in dating you, don’t make her wait for your attention because she won’t put up with it for long. She knows what she likes and who can fill those needs but isn’t afraid to get out there on the dating scene.

One of the most important tips for dating an older woman is understanding her priorities. Her time is more precious and she wants a man who can appreciate that.

Respect Her Independence

Many younger men dating older women struggle with how to deal with her independence. Older women have their own lives, careers, and friendships outside of the relationship. It’s important to respect these aspects of her life and not try to control or change them.

Appreciate What She Has To Offer

In order for any relationship to work, both partners need to bring something to the table. When dating an older woman, you should appreciate all that she has to offer – her wisdom, experience, financial stability, etc.

Don’t Try To Change Her

One of the things that makes dating an older woman so great is the fact that she’s already comfortable in her own skin. Don’t try to change her – you’ll only end up driving her away.

Be Supportive

When she needs it, be there for her as a friend and confidant. Let her know that she can rely on you for anything. Encourage her to pursue her dreams and be there for her when she needs you. Let her know that you’re always on her side.

Listen To What She Has To Say

One of the best things about dating an older woman is that she has a lot of wisdom to share. Make sure you listen to what she has to say – it could very well change your life!

Show Her That You’re Ambitious

Part of the turn-on of a dating older woman is her intellect and accomplishments. In order to succeed, she probably had to be smarter than the men around her. If you are just a boy toy she turns to for sex, she will get bored with you quickly. If you have goals and tell her about them, it will definitely turn her on.

Be 100% Honest With Her 100% of the Time

Older women have an extremely sensitive bullshit detector, so be 100% honest all of the time. They are more appreciative of open communication. If you want to have sex with her but don’t want to be her boyfriend, tell her. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by her response.

Make Sure You Appreciate Her

One of the things that can happen as women get older is that they start to feel invisible. They may have been beautiful and in-demand when they were younger, but now they may feel like no one pays attention to them. Make sure you tell her how pretty she is, and appreciate all the little things she does for you. She will definitely appreciate it!

And finally, online dating sites cater specifically towards singles looking for love or casual sex with someone outside their age range. Online dating is really the best way to start off when you’re looking for older women. Online dating will expose you to a much larger pool of mature and established singles than any other method that exists today, which means there are more opportunities for success in your search.

Dating an older woman has its own set of challenges and rewards. If you are up for it, though, it can be a very rewarding experience. Just make sure you listen to her, show her your ambition, and appreciate everything she does for you! Good luck!

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