Things to Know About Dating in California

dating in California
dating in California
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Dating in California can be demotivating at times, and there’s a real challenge for California singles looking for love that lasts at the heart of traditional Internet dating.

About 25% of California’s nearly 40 million residents identify as single. People tend to have it especially rough when it comes to dating and nightlife outside of the larger urban areas.

There are numerous dating platforms for both casual dating and long-term relationships. Everyone knows someone who has used a dating site. People are turning to apps to pick up the slack where the physical world leaves off, whether it’s working from home or having fewer public places to meet up. They help to fill the gap in connections.

Finding a website or app that truly works can be difficult at times. In The Golden State, you can find a meaningful, long-term relationship. Whether you’re looking for a casual romance or a life partner, this guide can help you.

What’s it like to date in California?

The state is full of young working professionals and boasts a vibrant nightlife. There are numerous great places to meet new people, whether it’s at a bar or restaurant or something a little different, such as a yoga class, a run club, museums, cooking classes, or even a festival. When it comes to dating in California, you’re spoiled for choice.

We’ve provided some important tips to remember when dating in California below.

You’re in a long-distance relationship if you live more than 15 miles away

You live in north of San Francisco but the bae you just met lives in west. Say bye to spontaneous dates. They say love can cross all barriers, but this is not that case. That isn’t to say all hope is lost if the partner of your dreams lives across town, but life is too short to waste an hour and a half in traffic for a bad date, so make sure you click.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t date someone because of where they live; just be aware of it so you can plan accordingly if they live a little further away!

Hiking is an acceptable first date activity

Who says you can’t get physical on the first date? Californians like to skip the small talk and get to the adventure. Be active and show your partner that you are willing to spend time with him/her.

The first date can change everything

A lot of things depend on the first date. Try to organize the first date in such a way that it will pique the interest of a potential partner. Learn about the tastes of your partner you can at her friends. Ask them if they like romance, how they treat gifts, whether they like animals, what drinks they drink. Also, you should study their social network page, it can also tell you a lot of useful things: about interests, favorite music, about favorite genres of films, etc. And based on this information, build the first date.


If crowded bars aren’t your preferred method of meeting friends or dates, there are numerous meetup groups for dating in San Francisco, for dating in San Diego or for any type of local dating that will allow you to meet people who have similar interests to your own. These include neighborhood- and interest-specific Facebook groups, and popular websites and dating apps. There are groups for people who love hiking, craft beer, Halloween, cooking, photography, food, comics, and more.

Make friends

You never know when you’re going to meet someone new, either via a friend, work or in line at your favorite coffee shop. Don’t be so focused on meeting your future partner that you forget to make friends. A great way to meet possible dating partners is via mutual friends. Find people with whom you share common interests and get along, and the chances are that they will have other friends you’ll like too. Sports activities, of course, cause respect for all people.

Don’t be afraid to get creative

With so many options, it can become difficult to find something that’s personal or at least provides a truly unique dating experience. There are so many unusual date ideas to experience, like exploring the nightlife, testing your balance at the roller disco or creating your own picnic and going on a bike ride.

Everyone has different ideas when it comes to dating in California and that’s fine, because there’s something here for everyone, whether you prefer quieter, more romantic dates or you’re on a first date and want to experience the bustling bar scene.

Here are some quick ideas for meeting match outside of online dating
  • Through friends: Let people know you’re single and available, and ask friends if they can to hook you up. You don’t have to sound desperate… That is, no begging for dates! Just casually slip it into conversation as much as possible, so that it stays on the top of people’s minds.
  • Speed dating: Yes, speed dating is still popular. The primary benefit of speed dating is that you will actually sit down with women and practice your conversational skills. Unlike online dating, you will have guaranteed facetime with several women in a short period of time, which may increase your dating opportunities far more than you realize. After all, they can’t swipe left without at least talking to you first!
  • Group exercise classes: It’s lowkey, because you’ll both have something in common to discuss.. A similar option might be dance classes, since they’re usually short on men.

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