Couple costume ideas for Halloween

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Dying to impress with an awesome couple costume for Halloween? Want to remember some good memories for yourself?

Halloween is a great time to have a bit of creative fun with both your friends and any potential dates you have lined up. Whether you’re an expert in the fancy-dress department or just looking for some inspiration to make your costume stand out, couple costume for Halloween is a great way to get noticed!

Halloween Costumes Every Couple Has to Try:

  • Captain America and Black Widow
  • Comic book characters
  • Egyptian queen and her king
  • Mr and Mrs Lego
  • Rick and Carl from The Walking Dead
  • Game of Thrones characters
  • Zombie wedding

These costumes can easily be made with things you find around the house. No matter what, we bet with these ideas from Clickdate, you and your significant other will be in running for the top spot for the best costume award at your Halloween party. With these creative costume ideas, you can’t go wrong!

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