Clickdate Inc.

Our Mission


ClickDate project is conceptually new approach in matching people to help them find the love of their life. You might say, o no … another dating site, this is really boring … But believe me,
If you read this till the end you will get the idea and understand that this is a really new, revolutionary way of finding love, Why? Just simple, because we do it differently!

The name, “Click Date” itself symbolizes the idea behind our project, which is – identification of user preferences based on the analyzes of his/her behavior. This is modern approach to psychology called behaviorism.

By Nature of our model actually we are not just a dating website, and also we are not matchmaking based on the 100+ questions and matching psychological model of persons, we take more natural, real live approach, which is based on your daily live experience, your eye first contact, your passion and your behavior. We are using every minute of your experience spent on our site to suggest better partners. And we do, unlike the other matchmaking sites where you should wait a day to get a few more new matches, our system are able to generate new and better match right in time you are using it.

Unless other matchmaking systems models are best of matching users based on the chemistry which they tend to understand from questions users answers (correctly or not), or trying to match people with other social similarities, we are looking deep into person subconscious, and analyzing what his/her heart and brain looking for, but not laying based on the questions the person answers consciously, logically and to impersonate person he/she wish to be. But even if they do that, the approach does not work like this in real life. We are not looking for partners who are the 100 percent similar to us. We are looking for love, for positive differences and traits that complement our own. The purpose of relationship is to complement each other.

Our History & RoadMap

Our story starts somewhere in the future and ends where origins starts

  • MARCH 2015

    Core team has initial meeting somewhere in the Irish pub on Pushkin Str, and decigion has been made to research topic, understand potential market oportunities and our capabilities.After few months team started project development

  • MAY 2016

    Our Backend framework are ready and in the future we are planning to make it public. The framework name is PRING. PRING is the php framework with main Java Spring framework principles.

  • SEP 2016

    Main Matchmaking algorithm is on the track. Decision made to write it using C, to make it really quick and able to work with 100M+ data point just in a milliseconds. We are able to generate new match in a milliseconds, but not a day as other matchmaking services do.

  • NOV 2017

    ClickDate – Beta is Live:
    We run private Beta for 8 branches/5 Languages
    Website URLS: | US(English) | FR(French) | BR (Portuguese) | PT (Portuguese) | ES (Spain) | MX (Spain) | IN (Hindi) / | UK (English)

  • Next Steps

    * 14 Feb 2018: We are planning to go fully live
    * Feb-Apr 2018: We will work on Proof of Concept, Cleanups, Bug fixes
    * May 2018: First Major Marketing and PR campaigns should go live